Windows 10 Technical Preview! Google Voice Free Cell Phone Calls, Best Universal Remote, Free Disk Imaging, Are Restaurant Credit Card Machines Safe?

Windows 10 Technical Preview is here! Using Google Voice to make unlimited calls. The best universal remote, free disk imaging, and are restaurant credit card machines safe to use?

Windows 10 Technical Preview... Best Disk Imaging Software To Back Up Windows Before Upgrading!
Oliver tweets, "Looking to try out the Win10 tech preview. What's the best free imaging software to backup my Win8 box before installing?" Yup, Microsoft just released Windows 10 Technical Preview... it's got some features we love (we did a whole video on it Should You Try Windows 10), we talk up our favorites, then tell Oliver about Macrium Reflect, our favorite system restoration tool!

Are This Pay Your Bill Here Things Safe???
Anthony writes, "Hey guys, are these new table top "pay your bill here" things found in restaurants across the country safe from hacking? Worried that hak5 will be nearby..." You don't have to worry about Hak5, but Shannon knows what the standards are for credit card processing, PCI compliance then explains what you -should- be worried about in the video!

Free Cell Phone Calls With Google Voice???
Sean writes in, "Hey team! I was hoping I could get some advice. I bought a Moto G LTE and got the $30 T-Mobile plan. I have a Google voice number and want to use it as a VOIP number. I did some searching on the Internet, but everything seems out of date. How can I use my unlimited data and wifi to make all my calls?" It just so happens our producer, Michael Hand, has the same plan and has figured out how to use the Hangouts Dialer and Google Voice to run all his calls over his unlimited data plan!Hint: it's gonna take some work on your part, find out exactly how much in the video!

Live VR Coding With Oculus Rift!
On the 'just plain cool' side of things, Brian Peiris created a live-coding web app for Oculus Rift, that changes the world around you as you write new code! He uses the Firefox Web VR and writes JavaScript using a script called Three.js. It's pretty niche, but we thought it was way cool!

Best Universal Remote?
Robert needs a one universal remote to bring together his "Insignia 40" HDTV, a cisco DTA-170HD cable box, Mono Price HDX-501 HDMI switcher, an old Sharp audio system 7700CD, and a Panasonic DVD/VHS recorder." We talk about the universal remote we both use at home in the video!

Router Help!
Frederik shares a dorm with twelve other college students, and says "Internet 'is provided' by our landlord, via an old router that's locked away. The connection should provide up to 35Mbps download but most of us get as little as 100Kbps download speeds." Can we recommend a router to fix this? We talk about why the problem might not be the router, what Frederik should try to do to fix it, and why IP throttling is probably a -really- good idea in a house full of people that probably spend a lot of time watching videos and streaming music! (PS, some great router reccomdnations at and thewirecutter!

Where Are The Mac & iPhone Apps???
Gavin tweets "@patricknorton Any plans to review or discuss Mac or iPhone apps on Tekzilla? Everything seems to be about Android on the show." Yup... we've got a plan for that!