Samsung Note 4 Review! Google Security Key Hands On, Ultimate Gaming Machine, Haswell-E 5820K Overlocked, Test Safely With A Free VM, CharlieApp!

Get ready for phablets: the Samsung Note 4 review! Hands on with a physical Google security key, overclocking Haswell-E 5820K, test safely with a free VM, and get the rundown of acquaintances with CharlieApp!

Google Security Key For Chrome 2 Step Verification
Google's taken a new step to keep your accounts secure, Chrome now has the option of using a physical Security Key for 2 step verification to make sure your accounts don't get hacked. Shannon's been using a Yubico Yubikey Neo, and she shows how it works, discusses Security Key's FIDO Universal 2nd Factor and explains why Google wants other sites to join in!

Amazon Fire TV Stick
Just because there aren't enough set top box options out there, Amazon's announced the Fire TV Stick, "with Netflix, Amazon Prime Instant Video, music, games, and more." Sound like just another Chromecast, or Roku Streaming Stick? Not so much... find out what makes it different in the video!

Samsung GALAXY Note4 Review
Shannon's new GALAXY Note4 has arrived, she's got a full hands on review of Samsung's latest phablet, from just how that 515 pixels per inch Super AMOLED screen looks, how the big screen impacts battery life, how well it works as a phone... and just exactly where you carry a 6" phablet anyhow!

Supercharge Your Calendar With!
Want some help making your best impression at meetings? Check out Charlie, at Before any important meetings, Charlie "combs through 100s of sources" and emails you a one-pager about that person, to help you learn about recent news, their likes and dislikes, the company that they work for, and more. Is this a useful tool, or a creepy scrape of information? Find out in the video!

Monster Gaming Machines & Overclocking The Haswell-E!
Chip wrote in on Facebook, "What about doing an updated gaming pc build this year from the ground up? I know Shannon has been wanting to upgrade/build a new windows pc for a while now...." Patrick and Michael just built a pair of Haswell-E machines with Core i7 5820K & 5930K CPU, 32 GB of DDR4, SSD drives and GTX 970/980 GPUS for video editing... turns out the specs are even more over the top than PCPer's over the top gaming build, aka theDream System. Would we build one of these for gaming? Did overlocking the Haswell-E CPUs deliver more performance for video rendering or gaming? Find out more in the video... and if $2500-2900 PC builds aren't your thing, check out the $380 gaming PC build we didE

Free Virtual Machines For Testing A New OS!
He writes, "I downloaded and was able to install Windows 10 Technical Preview on my Windows 7 system into a VirtualBox instance. Therefore no backing up of my base system, no danger of something going wrong. Best of all if I don't like it a key click removes it from my system leaving the base system intact." Thanks for the reminder that is a great free VM for experimenting with operating systems... you can run literally run Windows (NT 4.0, 2000, XP, Server 2003, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8), DOS/Windows 3.x, Linux (2.4, 2.6 and 3.x), Solaris and OpenSolaris, OS/2, or OpenBSD safely on your Windows, Linux, Macintosh, or Solaris box. So cool... and free, too! Thanks Russ!

Rooting a Random Tablet & Tekzilla Tequila...
Robert messaged us on Facebook, "Any ideas on rooting a Ematic eBook Reader & Internet tablet? I am wondering how to root this device without Windows, Virtual Box or Wine." That's gonna be a tough one... find out why in the video, and why you might want to check Cyanogenmod before you buy a new tablet or phone you want to root. Meanwhile, @thesamkash tweets, "@tekzilla have you considered making a tequila? The Tekzilla Tequila."