Maltego 101: Adding Your Own Entities

Today on HakTip, Shannon runs through creating your own customized entities and transforms, and how to use Sploitego for Maltego.

Today we're checking out more of Maltego's Interface - how to add your own entities.
Say you want to create a new entity on a chart, without the use of the palette. To do so, you'd go back to the manage tab and click new entity. Choose a name, description, and an icon for your new entity, and a unique type name will be filled in for you. Choose a base script for your new entity. If I wanted to make a twitter entity, I'd choose the twitter base. On the next page you can create a new custom main property or just carry over the information you just added. You can then add your new entity to a category. These are all found in the palette. Then hit finish! Now you can drag and drop your new entity onto the graph and use it.
Now for some feedback! James wrote in about Sploitego and said: Instead of using Paterva's data mining services for osint, sploitego uses tools on the local machine to scan and report intelligence. For example, scanning a range of ip's with nmap, checking for vulnerabilities with Nessus, and exploiting those vulnerabilities from metasploit can all be accomplished from the sexy and reasonably easy to use interface that is Maltego.
To install Sploitego, run these commands. Use sudo apt-get install for scapy, nmap, amap, and metasploit so you have the transforms for those available. P0f and Nessus are also dependencies, but those are paid so I'm not downloading them for this example.
Download the zip file from here and extract it with unzip command.
Then follow the directions found here.
Run this command: sudo python install.
Reopen Maltego, run any updates, close it and run: canari create-profile sploitego and follow the on screen instructions to import your new transforms for sploitego.
You can then reopen Maltego, and all your new transforms will be available via the GUI.
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